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Happy 10th Birthday, Engine Room

The Engine Room in Bridgwater celebrates it’s 10th anniversary yesterday. I was there the day it opened and sipped champagne on the same step ladder in the same room on the same spot I did in 2003 to celebrate the place that has changed my life so much, allowing me to do what I want to so for a living. Here are the cakes.

To all the staff: Here’s to the next 99 years (when the lease runs out).




Visit them at The Engine Room, Brdgwater

Rightsmart’s 2012 video Christmas Card

A pointless tradition it would be a shame to ignore, here’s our 4th annual Rightsmart Video Christmas Card.
There is a definite theme developing with these vids…and it’s not ‘Christmas’.

Thinking of downgrading your iPhone…don’t go for the Galaxy Ace.

Even this would be preferable to a Samsung Galaxy Ace.

A quick word of advice to any iPhone 3G users out there looking to upgrade and save money by getting a Samsung Galaxy Ace because
A) they’re free (iPhones are £300 new)
B) they have unlimited data per month
C) they look sort of like iPhones
D) they were convinced by that old salesman chestnut “I’ve got one myself.”
be aware that using one AFTER owning an iPhone for several years is like downgrading from a BMW to a Smart Car because you think it’ll save money. It will, but at the cost of usability.

I thought the iPhone battery was lousy, but I swear, even when fully charged at midnight and with no programmes left running, the Galaxy Ace will not be alive to wake you up at 8am as an alarm clock. WITH twitter or GPS running in the background, you’ll be woken up by the phone vibrating telling you its run out of battery about 5am (gee thanks, Samsung, what a clever bit of design). How do iphones manage to survive without having programmes running in the background? Think about it, Samsung – the answer is “Very well, thanks.”

Typing on it is like wading through treacle. The full stop button is exactly where the space bar should be so you.get.used.to.typing.like.this. The spell check is worse than schizophrenic, remembering some words and not others and, like an annoying person trying to end every sentence for you, it… tries to end every sentence for you. I’ve switched it off as i was spitting blood. Hence my errors in this post. Which, to be honest, I can’t correct them as there are not enough hours in the day.
The internet browser is horrendous. The address bar and the google search are the same thing which is incredibly awkward.

The speech recognition button is hilarious; asking it to search Google for cohorts, equally displeased with their purchase (“Samsung Galaxy Ace Haters”) meant I was asked “Do you mean Samsung Galaxy Case Peters?”.

Remember, it's free. That's all it's worth. £0.00.

Writing in a wordpress blog text box is like pulling your own teeth out with pliars. It simply WON’T allow you to.control where you type, refusing toscroll up or.down smoothly – the keyboard takes up so much room that, with the address bar taking up the top half of the.screen, you’re left with about 15% of the screen to type on, none.of which does what you ask it to. I’ve resorted to typing blogs first in the Memo programme (an idea clearly pinch from the iPhone’s Notes), only to find it has a 1500 character limit per note! (iphone has none.) So I can even badmouth this damned phone without it trying trip me up.

If you have a friend called Zoë or Amelié then get used to calling them by their first name because any use of accents or umlauts means you CAN’T HAVE ANY CONTACTS WITH NAMES TEN CHARACTERS OR LONGER! Also the contacts’ detail screen doesn’t have apace for email addresses. Imagine that in 2011.

Plugging it in to my mac got no results at all. So not only will it not sync to iTunes, but to get things on or off the phone you need to buy a separate SD card reader. After working the first time, my card now refuses to be recognised by the mac, suggesting i format it completely first. Brilliant.

And as an actual phone – isn’t the point of ripping off a design supposed to be keep the.best ideas and claim them as your own? At least with an iPhone, you can hang up.easily with the big red button. If you move away from the phone call mode on the Ace to browse a contact or your calander to make a date, you can’t back to phone mode to hang up! It’s just embarrassing not knowing how to end a call aged 37.

On the plus side, the camera is very good but if the battery is low (which it always is), not only does it refuse to take pictures, it refuses to.even open the camera app. Incredible.

I’ve clearly been.spoiled by the iPhone and now nothing.else will do. If this was Top Gear, I’d be dropping a piano on this toy replica right about now. Thankfully, for a free handset, its worth £65 on mazuma.com. Which is £65 toward a new iphone.
The temptation to rename it the Galaxy Arse is just too much to resist.

Let us know if you feel the same way by voting below. Ooh, it’s just like Strictly Ice Singing. Only it won’t cost you £4.99 per minute.

Musik in meiner Freizeit Schlafzimmer

Mary O'Shea. By a mic. Last month.

On 9th of November, in both 2010 and 2011 (oddly), the Rightsmart office echoed to the dulcet aural perfume of Mary O’Shea as she recorded several choral tracks (to a pre-recorded backing piano). All in a bedroom the size of a small car.

But then’s she’s only little. (Although her voice is massive.)

It’s amazing what you can get away with if
a) you can sing,
b) you have a decent microphone and
c) you put a big blanket on the wall to soften the acoustics (and then pile on lots of reverb). Click below to hear an example of what was achieved.

You can hear more samples of Mary’s amazing output by clicking here and even buy a CD of her own compositions.

Somebody sign her to a label! She has more talent in her tiniest burp than the output of all the divas and chavs that have minced in front of Simon Cowell over the last decade. You heard her here first.

a week of two firsts

last week was, we were in solihull, birmingham (a first for us), filming dance based interviews for 4 reel films. during our dinner break we sampled the delights of nandos chicken (our second first). how did we let this much of our lives vanish before sampling these delights?