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this is what we get paid for

Rightsmart’s 2012 video Christmas Card

A pointless tradition it would be a shame to ignore, here’s our 4th annual Rightsmart Video Christmas Card.
There is a definite theme developing with these vids…and it’s not ‘Christmas’.

Dooyouthinkhe-saurus? Oh, I think so.

This is Horace. Horace is a pliosaur. They ate squid, fish, ichthyosaurs and, possibly, small children. (I swear I saw some in his stomach whilst I was in there.)



Today, I was filming for/with Biggerhouse Films in Exmouth to promote the Earth Festival 2012. Learn more about Horace and whether or not you could end up inside his stomach by


Normal service has resumed. Don’t panic.


Taking (pictures of) the Michael

Friday 15th June, BBC4, “Glastonbury After Dark: Glastopia”. I helped film the interview with Michael Evis for Julien Temple‘s documentary. (If it’s wobbly or out of focus, that’s me.)
We used a Canon 550D to film, a Tascam DR-100 for audio and several dozen cows as reflectors.

a week of two firsts

last week was, we were in solihull, birmingham (a first for us), filming dance based interviews for 4 reel films. during our dinner break we sampled the delights of nandos chicken (our second first). how did we let this much of our lives vanish before sampling these delights?